You can’t improve your bottom line, or protect your reputation, unless you fully understand your customers & the experiences they have;

& you can’t fully understand your actual customers without data from your actual customers.

TellUsNow Overview

surface-imgDo you know who your happy customers are? Which customers are not happy? And why they are or are not happy?

No? You don’t? Sounds like you like to live life on the wild side!

I don’t mean to offend you, we’re all friends here, but the truth is:

Few companies ever achieve greatness. Great companies know exactly who their customers are; when you ask them, they can point out where positive & negative customer experiences are occurring across their entire customer journey.

Riddle Me This: Does a great company find out about a negative customer experience 3 weeks after-the-fact online via a public review website?

No. Instead, a great company stays “in-the-loop” on these incidents in real-time, & uses this data to improve their processes.

A great company is able to recognize unhappy customers in the moment, and use customer feedback data to identify where and how to improve their business.

TellUsNow empowers you to be a great company. You’ll be able to continuously improve your operations by using our Customer Feedback Management Platform to engage with your customers like never before.

Using our customer feedback analytics dashboard allows you to efficiently identify your customers wants, needs, and problems experienced, in real-time (micro-level) & as they evolve over time (macro level), while proactively protecting your reputation!

What is TellUsNow?

TellUsNow is a Customer Feedback Management Platform designed to provide real-time customer & analytics feedback for businesses in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Hospitality
  • Fast Food
  • Medical
  • Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • & More

How Is This Real-Time Customer Feedback Captured?

Feedback is captured in real-time through using the TellUsNow Software Platform. Customers will access your survey via Smart Phone / Mobile Device, QR Code, URL, Presentation Cards, or on premise tablets BEFORE they leave the building.

This real-time feedback enables you to review and track customer feedback using our user-friendly dashboard.

Categories for feedback include:

  • Level of service
  • Product quality
  • Employee performance
  • Overall Customer Sentiment

This feedback may include the Customers perception of:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Product-specific satisfaction
  • Brand perception
  • Pricing
  • Timeliness of delivery/service
  • Customer service satisfaction
  • Returns and exchange process satisfaction

The TellUsNow platform provides you with unprecedented insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, and provides you with the tools you need to manage your business from the perspective most critical to success – your customers.

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It all begins with simply collecting feedback directly from your customers by using our targeted survey system. Customers will access your survey via Smart Phone / Mobile Device, QR Code, URL, Presentation Cards, or on premise tablets.

The results are immediately sent to your dashboard where they are scored, categorized, and timestamped. Our action-oriented dashboard automatically visualizes your information, alerts you when a new insight appears in your data, and more.

This data offers you insights into each stage of your customer journey; providing you with the data you need to confidently make critical strategic & operational decisions in your business.


The 3 Step TellUsNow Process

TellUsNow is truly a comprehensive platform for identifying the root causes of concern for your customers. With TellUsNow no staff member has an excuse for underperforming, or not doing what they need to do to improve.

Our system works to improve the customer experience for even the most complex organizations, in a variety of industries that are customer-focused.

Implement our unique system for managing & tracking every part of your customer experience into your hands and experience the changes it can make to your business!

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“So Wait, How Does It Work?”

Customers will access your survey via Smart Phone / Mobile Device, QR Code, URL, Presentation Cards, or on premise tablets while they are at your place of business (if they have to – for some reason -they can take it later too).

A web address is assigned to your business, which takes your customers to your customized survey. Your customers complete the short survey and their feedback is immediately available to you in real-time via our user-friendly analytics dashboard.

It’ as simple as that.


Impact on Staff

Whatever role someone plays in your business, they have an impact on the customer experience, albeit some more than others.

The decisions you make in regards to your operations and procedures are a major contributor to your customers perception of, and loyalty to, your brand.

TellUsNow empowers executives & business owners to feel confident when making strategic operational decisions. The way we facilitate this is by empowering you with the data you need to identify the aspects of your business, or customer experience, that matter most to your customers.

You will be able to:

  • Identify their common pain points
  • Spot trends among them
  • Recognize areas where your employees, or a particular employee, are under-performing
  • Make the necessary adjustments.

TellUsNow enables you to put corporate priorities “on the same page” with the desires & needs of your actual customer base. It enables you to consistently increase revenue while reducing operating costs by systematically improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, & brand image.

The benefits to your marketing are nothing to be ignored either. By using a data-driven approach to your marketing, you are able to create customer-focused marketing campaigns, which are proven to yield higher ROI on each campaign.

Remember, It’s as Easy as 1-2-3:


Individual Branding

Your TellUsNow survey is customized for your business and includes your company name, logo, colors, and images.

Customized QR codes and Web Addresses allow your Customer instant access to your customized survey.

On-Target Questions

Surveys designed to gauge customer satisfaction provide a foundation in which a business seeking to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention can build upon.

A series of general questions are included with the option to add customized questions related to those items that are most important to you. All questions include rating scales and multiple choice responses and allow the Customer to provide comments.

Response Collection    

TellUsNow surveys provide you with real-time customer feedback. Responses are collected through your customized survey where the feedback is processed and immediately made available to you the through our user friendly dashboard.

If a particular response falls below a predetermined threshold you will be immediately notified via text and/or email. This allows you to immediately address any issues that could affect other customers, & thus your business.

Robust Reporting

Gain real-time insight on exactly how your business is performing through your TellUsNow dashboard. This dashboard provides you with real-time charts and graphs covering all aspects of your business commented on by your customers.

Review and track your level of service, quality, overall public perception of your business, & more using our dashboard, or, through downloadable reports. The Dashboards reporting provides you with unprecedented insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, and provides you with a tool to manage your business from the most important perspective – the Customers Perspective!

TellUsNow Giveaways & Business Sponsored Promotions

  • One of the many available features included with your TellUsNow membership includes business sponsored promotions.
  • Once a customer completes a survey you can instantly thank them for taking the survey via email, or text, and include a discount coupon or other in-house promotions to be used on their next visit.
  • Monthly cash drawings, gift cards and other giveaways sponsored by TellUsNow are a part of our system & are designed to incentivize your Customer to participate in your survey.

These automated monthly drawings are the result of data gathered from all submitted surveys; a winner is chosen and then notified via email, text or USPS.

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The TellUsNow Advantage

  • Data you can trust
  • Real-time reporting for every level of your organization
  • Action planning tools for the field
  • Industry specific bench marks on hundreds of brands
  • Accurate actionable text analytics
  • Service alerts and “close-the-loop” functionality
  • Data mining and insights
  • Partners that understand your business
  • Staff Performance reporting




The problem with current customer feedback platforms is they don’t actually allow you to do what they claim they do – focus on your customers.

Instead, the majority of the focus ends up being on the customer feedback software itself, & actually getting it to integrate with your operations & team.

With the TellUsNow system, you can forget those days, and jump right into the pools of performance and reliability.


Customer Data – As It Comes In:

Our system allows you to view your data from every possible data submission point in one place, instantly. We know how important it is to be notified in real-time, not when it’s already “too late.”

& Don’t worry about scale or size. Our system is extremely scalable. In fact, we’re confident that there’s nothing you can throw at this system that it can’t take. The levels & depth of analysis around a multitude of areas of your business is astounding.


Our system is extremely flexible and adaptable, which allows us to implement the TellUsNow system into even the most complex or organizations. We will integrate with your existing systems, and customer experience program if applicable, easily. & Don’t worry – our system is completely stable and secure.

Performance Reports:

Your TellUsNow Dashboard delivers, at a glance, real time overall performance reports.  With our system, your employees are held accountable at every step of the customer journey, through individual server performance reports; all thanks to our customer surveys.

Getting Started:

Customized point of sale materials is available – which includes table/counter signage, door stickers, presentation cards, etc. We design the point of sale using your branded name, colors and logo giving it that professional look.

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