Supplementing Our Software Is Training Modules For Staff & Management as well as:

• Forms • Ledgers • Statements • Operations Manuals

Program Design

Purchasing our platform doesn’t magically equal results. Our team of experts will work with you, and guide you, on the design and implementation of your customer experience feedback program. We will help you design a plan, optimize that plan, and “avoid the headaches” of customer experience optimization.

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Integrating Best Practices.

Every business has unique requirements and challenges, in addition to common ones. Our team is dedicated to helping you deliver an incredible customer experience. So is our platform, but the greatest technology is worthless if you never implement it.

We’ll help you implement & integrate the TellUsNow platform so that you can leverage it to its maximum potential, while staying focused on improving the customer experience, instead of focusing on the software.

We have tested & proven implementation strategies that we’re able to implement for a variety of industries. You can be up in running within 24 hours with the help of our experts.

Ongoing Support

We are your partners in success. Launching your program is really only the beginning of the process. Where our services really shine is after implementation.

We will guide & work with you to improve the experience you deliver to your customers, and the way you handle negative feedback.

We will complete in-depth analysis of your customer data to make interpretations of the data, identify trends, and turn insights into actionable-plans.

Our team has a deep understanding of customer experience best practices in the industries we work with. We can share these best practices with you, upgrade your processes with the latest capabilities, or guide you through the optimization of your customer experience program.


Coming in Winter 2016


TellUsHow™ & TellUsWhy™ Training Modules

Whether an employee works directly with your customer, produces the products you sell, or provides support for those who perform these essential functions, the ultimate goal for your staff is to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Without proper training you are undermining your organization’s chances to grow and prosper. As a TellUsNow client you have full access to our web-based Training Modules which provide business owners with a turnkey training program.

Training Modules are designed around your particular industry, and they help your employees improve their performance in various customer service related areas. Once the training is successfully completed, employees are given a Certificate of Completion.

“Why Training Modules?”

Training your employees is one of the most important aspects of running a successful operation. From time to time employees get comfortable in their position and need to polish up on their skills.

In the case of a new hire you will want to make sure that they have a thorough understanding of what their job responsibilities are and how to properly perform them. The TellUsHow suite of Training Modules and Tests provide your employees with the knowledge needed to successfully perform their jobs.

Our Training Modules were developed to keep their attention, and more importantly, won’t let them get bored or distracted.


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