“Need a Better Customer Feedback System
For Your Business?”

Automate customer feedback, rely on accurate data to improve your business, & take-control of your reputation using the TellUsNow software platform.

You & I have something in common you know…

We both make adjustments & improvements to our businesses based on customer feedback data we’re able to gather.

We both know we need to provide a great customer experience in order to retain customers and stay competitive. & like me I’m sure you’ve pieced together your own method of collecting customer feedback to continuously improve your business.

However our “do it yourself” systems aren’t nearly as effective & reliable as we need them to be… That’s what lead to the development of the TellUsNow Customer Feedback Platform!

It was developed to provide ourselves (and people just like you), with a solution for end-to-end customer feedback system automation, because we needed it.

Streamlining the collection of customer feedback makes it easier than ever for us to manage our reputation, and continuously collect + analyse data to benchmark our goals & performance by:

  • Collecting real-time actionable feedback from customers
  • Consistently collecting positive reviews & testimonials from happy customers.
  • Improving Operations & Customer Service
  • Using Our Robust Reporting Dashboard which allows for easy management of feedback
  • Keeping staff accountable by tracking customer feedback on specific employees

What TellUsNow Can Do For You:

When you implement our exclusive, real-time customer feedback management platform, your company will receive benefits externally and internally. You will keep everybody in your company “on the same page” when it comes to customer care & performance; which helps you present customers with a consistent brand experience that will bring them back in the future.

1. Centralized Dashboard Manages All Your Customer Feedback

Get real-time access to all data collected by your business automatically organized into actionable charts and graphs. Monitor & Review your quality of service, and public perception of your business all in one place.

You can also download reports on your performance right from the dashboard. We allow you to collect real-time customer feedback via surveys, SMS communications, mobile app integrations, in-house tablets, & more!

2. Get the Customer Feedback You Need to Stay Competitive & Maintain a Positive Reputation

Streamline your customer research with our professionally designed surveys that are designed to get consumer insights on all aspects of your business. Follow up with a customer at the end of their purchase to ask what they did or didn’t like about their experience with your business.

3. Keep Your Employees Accountable and Aligned With Company Goals

Tell-Us-Now solves the “collecting feedback from your customer’s problem,” but what do you do with this information?

Well, our software provides you with important metrics that allow you to set internal benchmarks based on data instead of opinions, which allows you to set goals and track your progress in a much more effective way, which is much more likely to be successful..

4. Boost Customer Loyalty & Retain More Customers

You & I both know customers are more likely to shop with us over our competitors if we provide them with a experience. We both know they’re happy to share an excellent customer service experience with family or friends, they just need a little assistance doing it.

So why not see what our customer experience management platform can do for you?

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